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Sydney Olympic Park is a mixed billing practice. To maintain a high quality service that runs on time we usually charge a GAP fee above the Medicare rebate. The maximum gap fee, or out-of-pocket expense, for Medicare card holders is $30. We do offer bulk-billing to some patients, depending on individual circumstances, as well as certain appointment types such as review of results.

For a $30 fee we are offering your own, high quality and full-time doctor – not whichever part-time GP is working today. We provide appointments that run on time. You will be seen at the time that you book. We reserve you sufficient time to deal with your health needs properly – by asking the reason for your appointment before booking you in. We are not a bulk-billing medical centre that rushes patients in and out as quickly as possible to maximise income.

Immediate Medicare Claiming is available through our EFTPOS system. You do not need to contact Medicare to get your rebate – it is instead deposited into your account seconds after payment. Please note a debit card is required to receive the medicare rebate immediately. If you do not have a debit card the rebate can be processed through your My Gov account.

Non-medicare Card Holders and Overseas Visitors

We charge Non-medicare card holders and overseas visitors the same fees as Medicare card holders. The only difference is you won’t receive a Medicare rebate back into your account.

If you have BUPA travel insurance our EFTPOS system is able to bill them directly. For other insurance companies we provide you with a receipt that you will need to submit with your claim.